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Chris Stanley
Chris Stanley
The founder and lead instructor at IA Path
Hail Adjuster's Boot Camp

About this course

Working catastrophic auto hail claims is fast-paced, challenging, fun, and rewarding.

Standard day rate of auto catastrophic adjusters is $500 a day.

Hail claims can be written faster and easier than collision claims. You can write 20 auto hail claims in a day. If getting paid $50 a piece that is $2000 a day.

It pays to be familiar with hail claims. When the time comes to deliver be trained with IA Path's Hail Adjuster's Boot Camp.

I'll see you in Hail.

Day 1

Superpower #1: “Omnipresent” You Only Need a Handful of Licenses to Be Available for Most Deployments 

Superpower #2: “Enhanced Vision” How to Know Every Part of the Car Instantly (related to hail damage) 

Superpower #3: “Hail Vision” How to Make Estimating a Hail Damaged Vehicle as easy as 1,2,3

Day 2

Superpower #1: “Level Up” You now know enough to be a conventional repair marksmen

Superpower #2: “Courage” You can make a decision

Superpower #3: “Marksmanship” Let me show you how to nail it EVERY TIME! It’s as easy as 1,2,3

Day 3

Superpower #1: “Telekinesis” You CAN KNOW what to Remove because its always the same

Superpower #2: “Telepathy” Read the Technicians Minds On What Markups Are Needed

Superpower #3: “Precognition” Seeing How to Maintain Order on the Cat Line

Day 4

Superpower #1: “Pamnesia” You’ll Never Forget How to Input

Superpower #2: “Remote Telekinesis” It’s like I’m right there with you 

Superpower #3: “Omnilingualism” You Can Speak Their Language